Electronic Data Capture EDC

Electronic Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture revolutionized clinical research by making the collected data instantly available for reporting and analysis, allowing the researchers to be proactive and resolve any potential issues before they affect the study outcome. Our EDC platform provides the capability to manage subjects, monitor safety and compliance, collect the data directly from patients and research sites, manage the data and monitor the study.

Our EDC Features

Recruitment Management | Visit Management | Event Management | Task Management | Randomization | Secure Communication | Resource Depository | Data Query | Double Data Entry | eCRF Library | Randomization | Scheduling | Benchmark Reports | Analytical Reports | Monitoring

Top 5 Reasons Research Organizations Need EDC


Data is more accurate

Utilization of point-of-entry validation, notifications and time stamps ensure that the data is within the required ranges and is entered within the specified time frame. Data is also entered into the EDC system directly, minimizing potential mistakes made during transcription.


Changes are easily managed

In comparison to paper-run studies, changes are easily completed in EDC and are updated the moment they go live in the system. No need to mail new materials to sites as a result of the change.


Secure access from anywhere in the world

To connect to HealthDiary EDC, you only need an internet connection and a web browser. No need to take stacks of paper with you if you are traveling, you can still do your work.


Time saving

Point-of-entry validation, automatic coding for SPSS and SAS, and streamlined query resolution processes allow for the data to be available much sooner than with conventional paper based methods. All time spent on data reconciliation, transcription and monitoring is essentially saved by utilizing EDC and study results are available instantly upon study completion.


Cost saving

EDC prevents those costs incurred by staff wasting additional time on data reconciliation, transcription and monitoring required with traditional paper-based studies.

Trust the Experts!

With HealthDiary, you will have the opportunity to work with professional and knowledgeable staff that will guide you through every step of the way during your study.


With over 10 years in the industry, we have been exposed to a variety of projects. Take advantage of our unique perspectives on implementing the research protocol electronically to maximize the benefits of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) in your study.


We take pride in our work and have an extensive knowledge of the research process. You will find us working closely with your team every step of the way because there is more to us than technology.


Every research protocol is unique and we recognize that. We will work with you to evaluate your processes and ensure they are delivered in the most efficient way possible when implemented electronically for an end-to-end Clinical Data Management System (CDMS).

EDC Features

Subject Portal

Web-based Subject Portal allows subjects to securely complete eCRF’s, receive notifications, view compliance, contact the investigator and view their peer study progress as well as their own.

Data Management

Real-time data management and quality control through point of entry data check, data “flags”, outlier identification and advanced query management with notifi­cation and task delegation functions.

Medication Tracking

Our EDC system has the entire Health Canada database of approved medications available at your fingertips. You can search, add and track patient medication use and compliance in the study.

Subject Management

Manage subjects as they progress throughout the study, from consent, inclusion/exclusion criteria, enrolment, randomization / study group (arm) assignment, and visit scheduling.

Safety Tracking

Record and keep track of Adverse Events (AE) and Serious Adverse Events (SAE) and receive real-time notifications and alerts for events requiring follow-up and further audits.

Visit Management

Our Electronic Data Capture system has an automated visit scheduling process to ensure that the visits are scheduled accurately as per the study protocol as well as that the user is notified of upcoming visits.

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