ePRO electronic Patient Diaries

Electronic Patient Diaries

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs), commonly known as Patient Diaries and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) are specifically designed to engage patients to submit time sensitive health information while they go about their daily routines. Designing the diary with a patient-centric approach ensures device use will fit in with the patient’s lifestyle, boost compliance, and provide timely and accurate data.

The use of electronic diaries is supported by scientific research that shows memory recall of an event is often unreliable and laden with inaccuracies, further supporting the use of ePRO and eCOA versus traditional paper diaries or interviewing techniques.

Diary Compliance

Patients regularly achieve high compliance rates of more than 95% and are comforted my the notion that someone is watching over them. Our highest compliance is 99.9% of 28,514 possible daily diaries in a Canadian COPD trial (Johnston et al., CHEST, 2013)


Patients are automatically notified when diaries are available and are reminded when to complete as well as HOW and WHEN to contact an Investigator – should symptoms change.

Accurate Data

Structured data input fields ensure real-time point of entry data validation where data must be entered consistently, completely and within the specified data ranges set forth in the study.

Real-time Data

Researchers can access real time data to assess compliance and automated algorithms can detect symptom changes to proactively detect clinically significant events. i.e. COPD Exacerbations.

  • "The ease of use and simplicity of the device, allowed us to achieve compliance rate of 95% in a multi-centre, multi-country trial." Kim, St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, ON

HealthDiary ePRO Features

The HealthDiary ePRO system uses specially designed Tablet or Mobile phone devices for instant data capture and transfer to a centralized data center from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of HealthDiary ePRO:

  • Automatic data transfer to the study centre
  • Easy to use navigation screens
  • Secure – SSL Encrypted Communication
  • Controlled by central management servers
  • No data stored on the device itself
  • Instant access to eDiary data
  • Compliant, secure, and easily approved by REB
  • Available in multiple languages and time zones
  • Proven and tested in 26 countries

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