Outsourcing in Clinical Trials

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials

As Canada’s landscape for clinical research is evolving, it is critical to pay attention to the developing trends, where outsourcing strategies are becoming a key to success in pharmaceutical development. Getting the most “bang for your buck” in this highly competitive industry is critical to overcoming the challenges of a fast paced environment.

The OCT conference brought together industry pioneers to discuss current challenges and to contribute their experiences and ideas on improving partnering in clinical trials. The conference touched on regulatory, financial and logistics aspects of collaborating in clinical research.

As an electronic data capture (EDC) and patient diary or electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) vendor, we have benefited from the information presented as it provides us with greater insight into the challenges our clients are facing, as well as ideas for innovation that will further improve our offerings.

Since EDC and ePRO use in clinical trials is rapidly increasing, we hope to see more related content at next year’s conference. While large CROs make tremendous financial investments into developing their own EDC systems, it would be of great benefit to smaller and medium-sized CROs and Pharmaceutical organizations to learn more about outsourcing electronic data capture. Rather than making the large financial commitment into developing an EDC system, they can benefit from years of experience and infrastructure already built and maintained by an EDC vendor for a fraction of the cost.

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