Seamless Integration of EDC and ePRO

Seamless Integration of EDC and ePRO

A frequent complaint within the clinical research industry and a recurring theme at conferences and meetings is the integration (or the lack thereof) of electronic data capture (EDC) systems and electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) commonly known as patient diaries. Sponsors and CROs frequently face the challenge of working with different vendors, one for EDC and another one for ePRO, and then going through a tedious process of integrating the data from both.

Wouldn’t it be easier if everything could be done from one platform, so that logging into one system can provide you with the data submitted by the study sites as well as data submitted by the patients directly in the form of patient diaries? Vendors that have EDC and ePRO systems integrated are rare, but luckily HealthDiary is one of them. We initially started with an ePRO platform and are aware of how the sponsors and CROs are impacted by having separate EDC and patient diary platforms, as well as the effort required to consolidate the two and making sure that the sites are updating information in both systems accordingly. We have taken this experience and developed our EDC system to fully support our ePRO system and allow us to serve our clients better through unified clinical data management software (CDMS).

HealthDiary seamlessly integrates EDC and ePRO, providing simplified real-time data access from both patients diaries (ePRO) and electronic case report forms (eCRFs) completed by the sites. This allows the study stakeholders to find all study relevant reports in one system and monitor all aspects of the study including site and patient compliance for timely followup.

Our EDC system is also fully self-sufficient and can be used independently when ePRO is not required. During our 12 years of experience, we have learned that flexibility is key in such a dynamic field as clinical research. HealthDiary is capable of supporting all aspects of data collection and patient management for any study or clinical trial.

HealthDiary has been providing Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Patient Diaries (ePRO) and Patient Registry services to Biopharma and CRO organizations since 2003. To benefit from our experience, please contact us today.